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Source: PetProducts.com press release

New York, New York -- PetProducts.com, a global directory for pet products, stores and services that helps connect pet owners with top professionals within their own communities, is excited to announce the official launch of their unique multi-platform service.

PetProducts.com is the first service that connects online shoppers with local pet professionals and stores via an extensive and informative online directory. With e-commerce taking center stage, PetProducts.com pinpoints a unique way to help brick and mortar pet stores transition into the digital age by turning the online experience into a tool that helps lead to an offline purchase. Still, PetProducts.com does much more than just promote local businesses - this unique service also strives to maintain the sense of trust and personalized pet care that can only be achieved by being part of a local community.

"Behemoths like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba offer products but not the emotional and personal experience that pet owners get from their local store," said animal lover, inventor and PetProducts.com founder CEO Allen Simon. "In this industry, personal recommendations, instructions and support are critical to the care and maintenance of your pet. PetProducts.com offers the solution by transforming an online experience to an offline purchase."

With Simon's vision focused on preserving the community, it's no wonder why PetProducts.com has onboarded over 7,000 retail stores, 9,000 service locations, 300 brands and over 10,000 products worldwide in the span of only a few short months!

"PetProducts.com is really a site for consumers but we are building some very exciting tools that allow manufacturers and stores greater visibility into the inner workings of the digital world. We will continue to innovate and develop cutting edge features to enhance the experience for all users," said Simon.