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Source: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance press release

Seattle Washington -- Pet parents will do anything to keep their furry family members happy, safe, and, most of all, healthy. While they are committed to giving their dogs and cats the best veterinary care possible, it can come at a high cost - veterinary science is now linked more than ever to human medicine (and vice versa), borrowing new procedures and evolved techniques that can be pricey. With accidents and illnesses occurring at every stage of life, pet parents should never have to make the choice between taking on a hefty bill and keeping their pet alive, and having pet insurance helps assure them they won't have to.

"Veterinary science is increasingly benefiting from advancements in human medicine," says veterinarian Kristonn Colborn. "We're now able to better diagnose and treat a whole host of illnesses in pets, but this sophisticated technology is expensive, which can lead to higher vet bills."

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has seen incredible advances in veterinary medicine in recent years' claims, including new technologies from robotic surgeries to specialized ultrasounds and MRIs. Accordingly, the highest claims Healthy Paws received in 2016 required treatment from specialists that resulted in vet bills totaling over $20,000.

Most Expensive Claim for a Dog

The most expensive vet bill for a dog came from an older pup who suffered from a muscle disorder, intervertebral disc disease-a spinal disorder that causes pain and possible paralysis-as well as pneumonia. She was hospitalized for 13 days, with a total invoice of $26,292. Healthy Paws reimbursed the pet parent for nearly $20,000.

Most Expensive Claim for a Cat

The most expensive vet visit for a cat came from a 4-year-old Maine Coon that was brought in with heavy breathing. After exploratory surgery, her vet discovered an abscess on the left lung and a collapse on the right. Both were resolved during the surgery, and Healthy Paws reimbursed $19,000 of the $21,213 bill.

While these incidents represent the most extreme cases, there's no shortage of accidents and illnesses that can send our pets to the vet throughout the year. To see the most common reason Healthy Paws dogs and cats visit the vet, check out the Healthy Paws 2016 Cost of Pet Care report.

About Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws is one of the leading pet insurance program providers in the U.S. for dogs and cats and ranked #1 by customers on leading review websites. Chubb, an A+ rated insurance carrier, underwrites its insurance policies. The Healthy Paws Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides cash grants to pet adoption organizations specifically for life-saving vaccines, spay/neuter surgeries and advanced medical treatments of homeless pets in their care. Learn more about their mission to save more homeless pets and how you can help. For more information about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, visit https://www.healthypawspetinsurance.com/.