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Source: MistAmerica press release

Scottsdale, Arizona -- MistAmerica, a multi-award-winning innovator in outdoor cooling, shade and heating solutions, has created its first misting system specifically targeting the residential consumer, called the MiniCool. As a way of telling its story while also creating excitement and buzz about the new product, MistAmerica is allowing consumers to purchase this new cooling system via Kickstarter at an introductory price that is only 33% of the planned M.S.R.P. of $1,495.

"We are so excited about the MiniCool because it answers all 3 of the challenges we faced in providing the best residential cooling product on the market!  This very well could be the future of outdoor cooling," says Dave Johnson, President & CEO of MistAmerica.

The MiniCool was the result of years of research and development by the MistAmerica engineering and design team. You can see the MistAmerica MiniCool in action in the official video on their Kickstarter page.

The MiniCool brings flash-evaporated mist to the interior of the patio where people sit rather than the outer edges like traditional line-mist systems. This revolutionary product allows the user the ability to enjoy the outdoors without worry of getting wet like other misting products.  The prototype seen in this video not only was created using a 3D printer, but also addresses the three major deterrents for MistAmerica not accessing the residential consumer market earlier:

The revolutionary design distributes the cooling mist efficiently at a lower height than their commercial misting products. Most residential patios are only a height of 7-to-8-feet;

The price of the MistAmerica MiniCool is more consumer-friendly than the cost of their commercial units;

The fan and pump are smaller and quieter than their commercial products but still achieves the high pressure needed for drip-free misting.

The special introductory pricing for the new MistAmerica MiniCool during the Kickstarter campaign will be:

$495 for the first 100 backers;

$595 for the next 100 backers;

$695 for backers who purchase before the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

You can learn more about MistAmerica's entire family of misting, cooling, shade and other outdoor comfort products at www.MistAmerica.com. You can also 'LIKE' MistAmerica on Facebook @mistamerica for timely outdoor comfort updates and special offers.

About MistAmerica:

An innovator in outdoor comfort, MistAmerica's outdoor cooling systems continue to lead the field in quality and effectiveness and are always on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. For over two decades, MistAmerica has pioneered groundbreaking and cost-effective mist, shade and heat products to create the perfect year-round outdoor atmosphere for businesses and homes worldwide. MistAmerica Outdoor Comfort Systems are now in 27 states and 12 countries, including high humidity climates, such as Houston, Miami and Dubai. For more information on this Arizona-based organization please visit www.MistAmerica.com.