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Source: Udder Tech, Inc. news release

Lakeville, Minnesota - Backyard chicken raisers now have a new convenient option for collecting farm fresh eggs: the new Hen Pouch. Designed with functionality in mind, the Hen Pouch allows flock raisers to collect up to 18 eggs, safely carrying eggs hands-free, so you can focus on other coop activities. This new product is part of Udder Tech, Inc.'s line of durable farm accessories.

Upgrade the egg basket

Dana Casto, business manager for Udder Tech, Inc. says the Hen Pouch was created by customer recommendation.

"As a small family-owned company, we talked with backyard chicken raisers who were looking for an easier way to collect farm fresh eggs," she says. "We found that it could be difficult to carry multiple eggs and still do other coop chores, so we created the Hen Pouch for hands-free egg carrying."

The Hen Pouch is uniquely fashioned to protect eggs from bouncing and allows for smooth swaying with your hip while walking, moving and caring for your flock. It is available in two sizes. The single pouch can hold up to 6 eggs and is recommended for smaller flocks, while the triple pouch holds up to 18 eggs and is recommended for larger flocks of 10 or more chickens. The triple pouch can also be a helpful tool to keep other supplies like scratch grains, a water bottle or a cell phone within reach.

Made of durable, water resistant nylon fabric, the Hen Pouch is easy to rinse or wipe clean. Hen Pouches are available in black or brick red colors and include a durable one-inch adjustable belt with quick release buckles. 

"All of our products are made for farmers and we're excited to add the Hen Pouch to our offerings," says Casto. "Chicken raisers who have tried our Hen Pouch so far enjoy its durability and convenience and say that it is a helpful addition to their everyday coop accessories."
To order a Hen Pouch, go to: www.uddertechinc.com or call 888-438-8683.

Udder Tech, Inc. (www.uddertechinc.com) was founded 20 years ago by a dairy farmer and has deep roots in the dairy industry. It began with a need for efficiency in the barn and has expanded into all aspects of agriculture. Udder Tech's growth and the popularity of their products comes from listening to their customers and what they say will make their jobs easier, faster and cleaner. Their inspiration comes from their experience and from their experience comes great gear.