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Source: MAGDOG news release

Lubbock, Texas -- MAGDOG has launched on Kickstarter and introduced the first-ever magnetic attaching dog Collar, Harness and Leash + ID system. The MAGDOG system is meticulously engineered, packed full of patent pending features. Featuring MAG:LATCH technology, MAGDOG products are designed from the ground up to be the most simple, durable, and secure pet safety system on the planet.
MAGDOG is set to disrupt the tired pet products industry.

At the heart of every MAGDOG product is the patent-pending magnet enhanced fastener, MAG:LATCH, which holds up to 300 pounds of tension, yet releases with ease. The MAGDOG Collar, Harness and Leash are magnetically drawn together in a millisecond and release with the pull of a tab. Constructed from durable, hot forged aluminum, the MAG:LATCH won't rust and is built to last. Dog owners can finally say goodbye to the out-the-door-rodeo caused by fidgeting with frustrating metal clips.

"Life is full of obstacles, and connecting with your dog shouldn't be one of them. With the MAGDOG Collar, Harness and Leash + ID system, we have made getting outside with your dog as simple as possible," says Michael Brian, MAGDOG Creator & Founder. "Our mission at MAGDOG is to magnify the connection between people and pets. We believe that pets can help people live healthy, active and purpose-filled lives, contributing to their overall flourishing. This mission has driven us to find innovative ways to equip people and their pets to lead an active lifestyle."

Leader of the pack for advancements in material and design

Every detail in this pet safety system is meticulously designed to keep pet owners and their dogs on the move. The Collar and Harness are made of Argos, a high-density, soft and durable, waterproof material. Argos is impenetrable to odor causing bacteria, allowing grit and grime to wipe off for a like-new shine every time.

The Harness is designed for simple application and can be used with the optional anti-distraction car tether, keeping the driver focused and the dog in its intended seat in the car. The Collar and Harness are designed for comfort and include an inner layer of neoprene that provides a soft layer of padding against the dog's coat. When outdoor activity extends beyond sunset, low-light reflective accents on the Collar, Harness and Leash help the dog stand out to oncoming traffic on the trail or road.

The Leash is the conduit to the MAGDOG system. The built in bungee and the MAG:LATCH secure connection, allow dog owners to rein in their pets and the short lead comfort handle provides a closer grip when needed. The leash handles also feature Argos material and neoprene comfort padding. The built in gear loops provide connection points for any pet necessity, and the included carabiner can be used to temporarily secure the dog.

The MAG:ID system offers an extra layer of security and peace of mind

Built into every Collar and Harness is MAGDOG's secure identification system, MAG:ID, which allows dog owners to register their unique MAG:ID on the MAGDOG website. Within the MAG:ID system, dog owners can provide up to two emergency contacts, veterinary information and other important details about the animal. If a dog wanders off into the arms of a friendly stranger, they simply enter the unique ID in the web address provided. The MAG:ID system goes to work by proving them with the designated emergency contact information, adding another level of protection when retrieving a lost dog. The MAG:ID system also eliminates the need to replace identification tags in the event of a phone number or address change. Dog owners simply update their information on the website and say goodbye to dated tags that keep them from their lost pet.

The MAGDOG Collar, Harness & Leash + ID System is available to pre-order on Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/790043845/magdog-magnetic-dog-collar-harness-and-leash-id-sy?ref=2rbadt. Prices start at $60.00 for the 'early bird' special on the Collar + Leash. ($35.00 savings on the $90.00 MSRP)


We founded MAGDOG with a simple goal:build the dog products we'd use everyday for life around town or for adventuring in the wild with our beloved pets - dog gear that is as magnificent as our adventure companions.

Our small team based in Texas is pushing boundaries to create technically innovative performance dog gear. Design and development are a way of life for us, and we are constantly seeking ways to enhance experiences through thoughtful design. We believe that pets can contribute to human flourishing by helping people be active outdoors, bringing a deeper care and concern for the natural world, and by creating common bonds with other people. That is why we are on a mission to magnify the connection between people and their pets.

We're not merely out to sell to customers, but rather to equip new friends and their pet companions with gear they've always wanted but never thought possible. We guarantee MAGDOG products with a Lifetime Warranty to keep people and their pets running with the MAGDOG Pack, no looking back.