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Source: Milk Products news release

Chilton, Wisconsin - Sav-A-Kid and Sav-A-Lam milk replacers have been reformulated to include probiotics, yeast extract and updated vitamins and minerals. This change helps goat kid and lamb raisers proactively manage health by supporting the digestive system and helping support a strong immune system.

"We've reformulated our kid and lamb milk replacers to help grow healthy kids and lambs," says Julian (Skip) Olson, DVM, technical services manager for Milk Products. "Both products provide consistent nutrition, whether you feed milk replacer as a supplement or to replace doe or ewe milk."

Sav-A-Lam milk replacer: Whether you raise sheep to show or breed, for meat or lifestyle, Sav-A-Lam milk replacer is a high-energy formula to meet your performance goals. The high-energy, all-milk formula contains 30 percent fat and 23 percent protein. The new formula also includes probiotics and yeast extract to support a healthy digestive system and a more diverse population of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Updated levels of vitamins and minerals help meet lambs' requirements for growth.

Sav-A-Kid milk replacer: It's important to feed an optimum protein-to-fat ratio to provide your goat kids with the right nutrition for growth through weaning. Sav-A-Kid milk replacer is an all-milk protein formula containing 23 percent protein and 26 percent fat. The new formula includes probiotics, yeast extract and updated vitamin levels to support kid health. It can also be used as a dry feed supplement to encourage consumption in stressed or underweight kids and goats.

Simple feeding and mixing instructions on the package help make Sav-A-Kid and Sav-A-Lam milk replacers easy to feed. To meet the needs of your farm, three sizes are available through local retailers: 4- and 8-pound pouches, and a 25-pound bag.

Sav-A-Kid and Sav-A-Lam products provide education and support to help you feel confident you're doing what's best for your animals. Through each step of your journey, we'll provide you with tools and resources to help you raise happy, healthy animals.

The new Sav-A-Kid and Sav-A-Lam milk replacers are part of a full line of goat kid and lamb products including colostrum replacer and electrolytes. To learn more or locate a retailer near you, visit savacaf.com.

Milk Products, based in Chilton, Wis., manufacturers high-quality animal milk replacers and young animal health products. Using its innovative manufacturing technology, Milk Products produces over 700 unique animal nutrition products for numerous independent feed manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and large retail chains. Our customers choose whether these products are sold under their private label brand, or under the Sav-A-Caf brand which is manufactured and marketed by Milk Products.