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Source: Alltech news release

Lexington, Kentucky - Designed to support the animal throughout all phases of production, Alltech is proud to launch the premium Blueprint beef nutrition program for the CRYSTALYX and Hubbard Feeds brands. Blueprint was developed through several decades of research aimed at unlocking the genetic potential of livestock through nutrition. Blueprint has been scientifically formulated to target animal health and performance at the cellular level and build upon the genetic potential at each stage of an animal's lifecycle.

Farmers and ranchers can learn more about Blueprint at the following upcoming launch tour trade events:

· 2017 Angus Convention: Nov.4-6, 2017, Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas;
· Range Beef Cow Symposium XXV: Nov. 28-30, 2017, Little American Hotel & Resort, Cheyenne, Wyoming;
· Montana Stockgrowers Association Annual Convention and Trade Show: Dec. 13-14, 2017, Doubletree Hotel, Billings, Montana.
Blueprint is formulated with Alltech's Total Replacement Technology, organic trace minerals that support absorption, retention and utilization in beef cattle. The Blueprint program is designed to work synergistically to help beef cattle reach their full genetic potential, resulting in rapid growth, maximum reproductive performance and optimal animal health while reducing mineral excretion into the environment.

The CRYSTALYX and Hubbard Feeds Blueprint products include:

· CRYSTALYX Blueprint 6% PHOS
· CRYSTALYX Blueprint 20% AN
· Blueprint Cattle Mineral
· Blueprint Calving Mineral
· Blueprint Co-Product Calving Mineral
· Blueprint Brown Grass Mineral

The Blueprint beef nutrition program strengthens CRYSTALYX and Hubbard Feeds' commitment to help producers identify ways to improve efficiency and maximize genetic performance. Blueprint will be available at participating Hubbard Feeds and CRYSTALYX dealer locations.