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Source: Halo news release

Tampa, Florida - The leading pet trade, Pet Product News (PPN) has announced Halo Holistic Dog and Cat food made with real WHOLE Meat, humanely raised OrigiNative Proteins and Non-GMO Vegetables as Winners of the 2017 Editors' Choice Awards. This year, PPN received hundreds of product submissions from manufacturers in a variety of animal categories and selected 33 as winners.

"Every year, Pet Product News Editors' Choice Awards aims to honor innovative products that help make the
relationship between pets and people even stronger," said Jennifer Boncy, editor-in-chief of Pet Product News. "After delving through the feedback of our pet-owning testers, Halo's newly developed holistic dog and cat food made with real whole meat are winners."

Halo's new premium pet food line for cats and dogs reflects the brand's mission: "to change the way companion animals are fed and farm animals are raised, for the better." To further support this mission, every time consumers purchase Halo, a bowl of Halo is donated to a shelter pet in need.

For over 30 years, Halo has insisted on creating only holistic pet foods that rely first on real WHOLE meat, poultry or fish - never ANY rendered "meat meal" - making these recipes fundamentally different from the kibble found in almost all leading "natural" pet food brands. The brand has now added humanely raised Originative Proteins and Non-GMO Vegetables along with Proven Superior Digestibility to that heritage.

Producing pet food with real WHOLE meat (and without the use of "meat meals" such as rendered chicken meal or fish meal) is a more costly approach and explains why most pet food brands choose not to do so. But the Halo commitment to using OrigiNative, real whole meat provides pet parents who want to feed their companion animals with unconditional love with what they demand.

Halo's sourcing includes GAP (Global Animal Partnership) certified cage-free humanely raised poultry, and wild caught fish from Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable ocean fisheries. Halo says "NO" to growth hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Halo's Originative protein sourcing promotes sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry with the goal of bringing farming and ranching practices back to a more original and native state that rejects the industrialized model of close-confinement, growth hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified feeds. All fruits and vegetables in Halo products are sourced from farms and farmland that prohibit the use of Genetically Modified Seeds.

New Halo wet and dry pet foods include its first-ever Kitten recipes, along with very popular specialized diets such as Indoor Cat, Sensitive Stomach Cat, Senior, Healthy Weight, and of course Grain-Free. For dogs, there are also Vegan, Small Breed and Puppy.