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Source: Petrics news release

Las Vegas, Nevada - Petrics, Inc., a pet health technology company, is set to help pets live longer, healthier lives with the launch of the world's first Smart Pet Bed, Activity Tracker, and pet Health and Nutrition App. The system tracks pet's weight, activity levels, rest periods and offers climate control to keep pets in optimal comfort and safety within varying climates and seasons. That's great news for pet parents, because tracking a pet's activity and weight fluctuation has never been more important. Today, there are over 80 million cat and dog households in the United States, with greater than 53 percent of pets overweight.

Petrics unveiled its Smart Pet Bed, Activity Tracker and Pet Health and Nutrition App at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Petrics is a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree in both the Smart Home and Tech for a Better World product categories.

The Petrics Smart Pet Bed tracks pet's weight, rest and activity and offers climate control, all of which help pet owners ensure that their furry friends are achieving the optimal weight ranges and temperature for breed, age and other import characteristics. The bed includes a built-in scale, and is the first pet bed to offer thermostatic heating and cooling, allowing the user to automatically or manually adjust to the ideal temperature for each pet based on breed, environment and geographic location. Manual adjustment can be done through the Petrics Health and Nutrition App or with commands to popular smart home products. The Petrics Smart Pet bed is available in three sizes and features a washable and replaceable cover and durable, comfortable construction.

"Our mission is to empower every pet owner with access to nutritional and behavioral information, so they can provide the best possible care and comfort for their pets and help them live longer, healthier lives," said Ed Hall, CEO, Petrics. "Our pet health ecosystem helps pet parents react quickly and effectively to their pet's needs, and ultimately, saves lives through early detection and intervention."

The Smart Pet Bed pairs with the also-launched Petrics Activity Tracker, which tracks pets' caloric burn rate, rest levels, and other health metrics. The waterproof, wearable tracker syncs easily with any popular mobile phone and is one of the smallest collar communication devices on the market. It also features an unprecedented 4-month battery life, making it ideal for pets and pet owners by removing the need to charge it weekly like other trackers.

The Smart Pet Bed and Activity Tracker communicate with the Petrics Health and Nutrition App, creating a pet health ecosystem that allows pet parents to monitor and track pets' health and nutrition data, get food and diet recommendations and share findings with other family members, pet sitters, and veterinarians. The app is like having a personal pet care assistant, making life easier for pet owners by setting critical reminders like vet appointments, when to administer or reorder pet medications, application dates for flea and tick prevention and much more. It also sends out alerts for food recalls so pet parents can react quickly if they are impacted. And, the App is the control center for the Smart Pet Bed and Activity Tracker, providing access to activity data, and pet weight and rest periods, all while controlling the heating and cooling functions of the bed. This critical, real-time feedback helps pet parents catch health issues before they become more serious and costly.

The Petrics Health and Nutrition App will be available for download at: www.petrics.com/download and the Smart Pet Bed and Activity Tracker will be available for sale in 2018. Additional information is available at www.petrics.com, and consumers can enter to win a free Smart Pet Bed at: www.petrics.com/giveaway.

About Petrics

Petrics is a pet health technology company on a mission to help pets live longer. Petrics is dedicated to empowering pet owners with access to detailed health and nutrition information that is specifically tailored to their unique pets, so their furry loved ones can live healthier and happier lives.

Petrics' growing ecosystem of sophisticated pet products give owners the means to accurately monitor and act upon their pet's health and behavior, saving lives through early detection and intervention. Petrics healthcare platform helps pet owners better manage their pets' health, creating happier homes and healthier pets, so they can love their pets longer.