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Source: Crosman Corporation news release

Bloomfield, New York -- CenterPoint Archery is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of the Aspen takedown recurve bow. This versatile, lightweight bow is a functional blend of both new and existing technology and features premium traditional finishes.

The Aspen takedown recurve bow has a draw weight of 45lbs, is 60 inches in length, and has a draw length of 29. The riser is blended from African Cherry Rose, White Oak, Maple and Green Wood for a traditional, high quality finish. The bow can be broken down and reassembled in minutes, making it the perfect choice for backpacking or traveling.

"The Aspen is a joy to shoot as the 18" riser melts into your hand for a custom feel," says Kevin Casey, Assistant Product Manager. "This bow will find its home either on the range or afield in a hunting scenario. The Aspen has brought back memories to the beginning of my archery journey."

The Aspen features limbs made from a dual Maple core with black fiberglass facing and backing for durability and velocity. It also includes a 14 strand AMO 62" B-50 Dacron string.

At an MSRP of $129, the full kit, which includes a stringer, rest, finger tab and nock set, is one of the best values in the market, retailing for the same amount of comparable bows that don't include the accessories.

About Crosman

Since its founding in 1923, Crosman has been driven by the steadfast pursuit of quality and innovation. Crosman's history is rooted in the airgun industry, where today Crosman remains the market leader in airguns, airgun ammunition, and consumables. In addition to airguns, Crosman has a diversified product lineup in the outdoor sporting goods industry that includes airsoft, firearms optics and laser aiming devices under the Lasermax brand, and archery products under the CenterPoint brand. Crosman is a subsidiary of Compass Diversified Holdings Inc. For more information visit www.crosman.com