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Source: Petrics news release

Las Vegas, Nevada -- Petrics Inc., a pet health technology company, is changing the way pet owners care for their four-legged family members with the launch of its free Health and Nutrition App. The Petrics App is the first cat and dog diet and nutrition recommendation engine that helps pet parents provide healthier food options for their pets.

The intersection of technology and health has dramatically impacted how humans manage their own health. What about our pets? "Technology has the capability to transform what it means to keep our pets healthy," says Petrics CEO Edward Hall. "By collecting information about our pets' activity levels, diet and other important data, we can react faster when potential health concerns or unusual behaviors surface."

Pets age at a rate up to 10 times that of humans and health problems are likely to develop more rapidly. Over 53 percent of pets in the United States are classified as overweight. Like humans, pudgy pets face diabetes, mobility issues, breathing and heart problems. Weighty issues like these fed the need for a high-tech pet health and nutrition solution.

"Proper nutrition plays a critical role in ensuring our pets live longer, happier lives," said Hall. "With the Petrics Health and Nutrition App, we are giving pet parents the resources to help detect health issues early. When combined with veterinarian-recommended nutritional advice, the App can help guide pet owners to create a diet plan for their pets."

The Petrics Health and Nutrition App offers a breakdown of over 15,000 foods and 17,000 ingredients, giving pet owners a valuable tool in making informed choices about their pets' diet. The App is part of a pet health ecosystem developed by Petrics to empower pet owners to manage, track and respond to their pet's health and nutrition needs. The App features:

Better Nutrition Planning

Pet food allergies? Dietary restrictions based on age or health conditions? The App gives pet owners the ability to tailor their search based on their dog or cat's specific nutritional needs.

Food Matching and Treat Recommendations

The App offers healthier food options for dogs and cats. Petrics data and methodology was created with valuable input from pet nutritionists and veterinarians and considers each breed's genetic risks, pre-existing medical conditions and other criteria to match pet food and treat recommendations. It takes the burden and time-consuming research away from pet parents by centralizing information in one easy-to-use interface.

Ingredient Breakdowns

Petrics has analyzed thousands of pet food and treat recipes. Pet owners can use the App to find and filter foods based on ingredients such as protein type, flavor, artificial additives and individual pet preferences.

Access to Pet Food Recalls

Pet food and treat recalls happen all the time and are not always covered by mainstream media. The App provides access to FDA pet food recalls so pet parents can act promptly if impacted by a recall.

Schedule Vet and Medication Reminders

The App is like having a personal pet care assistant, making life easier for pet owners by setting critical reminders like vet appointments, when to administer or reorder pet medications, application dates for flea and tick prevention and more.

Manage and Share Pet Profiles

The App allows users to manage multi-pet families and share dog and cat profiles with pet sitters, dog walkers, veterinarians and other family members.

Access and Control All Petrics Products

The App controls an ecosystem of connected Petrics products that track critical pet health data, including the Petrics Activity Tracker and Petrics Smart Pet Bed. The Activity Tracker is a waterproof, wearable device that logs activity levels, rest levels, and other health metrics to identify optimal diet solutions based on caloric intake and associated burn rates. The Smart Pet Bed has a built-in scale and activity sensor, allowing pet parents to track weight fluctuations and rest periods. It is the first pet bed with thermostatic heating and cooling.

The Petrics Health and Nutrition App works with both iOS and Android platforms is available for download in the App Store and Google Play. For more information visit www.petrics.com.

About Petrics

Petrics is a pet health technology company on a mission to help pets live longer. Petrics is dedicated to empowering pet owners with access to detailed health and nutrition information that is specifically tailored to their unique pets, so their furry loved ones can live healthier and happier lives.

Petrics' growing ecosystem of sophisticated pet products give owners the means to accurately monitor and act upon their pet's health and behavior, saving lives through early detection and intervention. Petrics healthcare platform helps pet owners better manage their pet's health, creating happier homes and healthier pets, so they can love their pets longer.