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Source: BCS America news release

Portland, Oregon - The Precision Depth Roller is the most recent attachment suited for BCS two-wheel tractors, improving the versatility and value of the all-gear driven power units.

Fitted to the popular BCS 30-inch Rear-Tine Tiller, the Precision Depth Roller (PDR) features a full-length roller which can be easily adjusted to select precise tine depth penetration, from a minimum of one-half inch to its maximum of seven inches.

The primary purpose of the PDR is to prepare seedbeds for planting. In a single pass, it mixes soil amendments into the top two inches of soil without excessive soil disturbance, avoids bringing dormant weed seeds to the surface, and gently compacts the top layer of soil for improved seed germination and performance of mechanical seeders.

The PDR also addresses the needs of small-scale farmers and hobby gardeners to cultivate shallowly between rows, effectively eliminating weeds and creating a dirt mulch to preserve soil moisture at deeper levels.

The PDR steel frame is lightweight and durable, featuring an easy-to-use depth control lever that instantly changes depth settings of the tines. The 17 depth settings are in half-inch increments and include a transport setting for easy travel to and from the job site.

The Precision Depth Roller can now be ordered online or from any BCS dealer. It is available with the 30-inch Rear-Tine Tiller or as an add-on to those who already own the tiller.

BCS offers dozens of high-quality attachments that are powered via the two-wheel tractor's PTO connection point. BCS America is the North American importer of BCS two-wheel tractors and attachments, which are manufactured in northern Italy. BCS SpA is Europe's largest manufacturer of two-wheel tractors.

Learn more about BCS and the Precision Depth Roller at www.bcsamerica.com.