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Source: ImmuCell news release

Portland, Maine -- ImmuCell, a growing animal health company, announces the hiring of Chris Bradley as the new Sales and Marketing Manager for the western United States.

"I am excited to add Chris's process driven sales capacity to our calf crew. Chris has a nice combination of talents, he is customer focused, organized and has a very warm personality." says Bobbi Jo Brockmann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with ImmuCell. "I'm confident he will connect well with dairymen and prove valuable to our distribution chain."

Chris will spend the majority of his time on-farm working with dairymen to improve calf health through targeted antibody therapy available from ImmuCell's First Defense product line. His territory consists of ID, WA, OR, CO, UT, MT, WY and AK.

ImmuCell focuses on the two most frustrating issues facing dairymen, calf scours and mastitis. ImmuCell's First Defense product line offers the only USDA-approved, colostrum-derived scours preventative that allows producers to go beyond vaccination to protect against both bacterial and viral scours. ImmuCell is also nearing FDA approval of an intramammary treatment for subclinical mastitis. This treatment will not require a milk discard or meat withhold, and will allow for economical treatment of mastitis before seeing clinical signs.

Connect directly with our sales team here or learn more at immucell.com.

ImmuCell provides revolutionary solutions to dairy and beef producers looking for "a better way." Today it's going Beyond Vaccination to protect newborn calves from scours. Tomorrow it's a better way to treat mastitis without meat or milk withhold. At ImmuCell, innovation is born from research. Solutions are practical and science-based − the anti-fairy dust. ImmuCell believes in unconventional solutions that break the mold and always has an eye on the future. Find a better way at immucell.com.