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Source: Velocity Outdoor news release

Bloomfield, New York -- Velocity Outdoor (formerly known as Crosman Corporation) is now shipping the much-anticipated Benjamin Fortitude, the latest generation pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles for hunters and shooters, in .177 and .22 calibers.

The Fortitude is packed with the most highly desired features and technologies that demanding air gun consumers will appreciate, including a regulator that delivers up to 90 shots per fill at a stunning 950 fps in .177Caliber/800 fps in .22 caliber, with consistent velocities from the first trigger pull to the last.

"Our consumers told us loud and clear that getting a high shot count without sacrificing speed and power is one of the most desired benefits for a PCP gun," said Philip Guadalupe, Product Manager. "We are very excited to get this product in the hands of airgunners and let them experience the Fortitude for themselves."

The Fortitude is a multi-shot repeater that uses interchangeable 10-shot rotary magazines for bolt-action firing. It's built for endurance, utilizing a newly designed regulator getting up to 90 full power shots per fill, unmatched by any other PCP gun in the market. The regulator built into the 3000 PSI reservoir controls the output air pressure for shot-to-shot consistency, making the Fortitude the best option for backyard plinking, target shooting, pest control or small game hunting. It features a lightweight all-weather ergonomic stock and will be available at an exceptional low price of only $299.99 MSRP.

For a look at the Fortitude in action, visit https://youtu.be/ox8y3oy5sCY