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Source: Hampel news release

Hampel is excited to introduce the new Ultimate Chicken Coop! This chicken coop is designed to be the coop that does it all and the buzz is building in the backyard flock community.

"The word 'ultimate' isn't a feather we'd stick in our cap unless we really meant it," says Scott Struve, Brand Development Manager for Hampel. "The Ultimate Chicken Coop was designed especially for those who care about keeping their whole flock-that means your chickens and your family-healthy and happy."

Take a virtual tour of the Ultimate Chicken Coop: https://youtu.be/5yxLGhd2s18

A few features that make this coop stand out:

Design is #1: Whereas other coops start with fashion, we began the process with features. The Hampel team surveyed backyard chicken raisers for their top coop benefits and made sure this coop included them all. This coop puts features over fashion and purpose over glitz.

Safe and disease-resistant: The unique non-porous plastic and exclusive flip-top design is easy to clean and biosecure. The 100% recyclable twin-sheet thermoformed plastic is unmatched in durability and made from recycled materials. A unique double-wall, twin-sheet construction holds a layer of cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter to keep the flock comfortable.

Assemble in 30 minutes or less: The coop is lightweight and ships directly to your house in one box. You can set it up with just a couple household tools.

Predator-resistant: Included panel latches and a welded steel wire frame keep birds safe.

Five-year warranty: Backed by the Hampel five-year warranty, this coop is in it for the long haul.