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Parsippany, New Jersey -- Fall has officially arrived and, as temperatures begin to drop, rodent infestations will continue to rise, with 1 occurring in every 6 homes. d-CON announced today a new line of bait products with a unique new formulation to catch increasingly pesky rodents seeking food and shelter inside. The new formulation uses Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) as the active ingredient inside a pet/child resistant station, making the new d-CON baits not only highly effective, but also a better choice for families and their pets.

"d-CON has long had a reputation of having the most efficacious bait in the industry, and this new formula is no exception," said Heidi Fuentes, R&D Pesticides Director for d-CON. "Major cities across the U.S. have reported spikes in rodent sightings which means more consumers are seeking access to products that can effectively prevent or manage infestations in their homes."

Beyond being a nuisance, rodents pose a health risk to families by carrying disease-causing parasites and E. coli, and spreading salmonella. d-CON recognizes that managing rodents often poses a threat to family pets as well.

Other rodenticide manufacturers use a neurotoxin called Bromethalin as their active ingredient. In the last nine years, the Pet Poison Helpline has reported an 800% increase in exposures to Bromethalin among household cats and dogs. Veterinarians report that accidental ingestion of Bromethalin is hard to detect and treat-there is no antidote.

To address this issue, the makers of d-CON developed a pet resistant bait station with a mouse-attracting formula using Cholecalciferol, which is not a neurotoxin. The addition of Cholecalciferol - better known as Vitamin D3 - as the active ingredient in d-CON baits will provide reassurance to the nearly three quarters of all U.S. households that have a pet. While small levels of Vitamin D3 ingestion in rodents can lead to toxicity as a result of high calcium concentration in the blood, in the case of accidental exposure to pets, Vitamin D3 can be detected and treated.

To learn more, visit http://www.d-conproducts.com/ or retailers nationwide. Or to view the new commercials, visit our channel on YouTube.

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