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Source: Blaser USA Inc. news release

San Antonio, Texas - The Mauser M18 has won the prestigious Gray's Best award for best rifle.

Each year the editors of Gray's Sporting Journal test new products to determine which truly stand out as the best in their category. They "select gear that not only makes good first impressions, but also satisfies after repeated use." Gray's Best winners, according to the editors, "deliver on the claims of their makers but also have an extra attribute, an extra something that triggers a tenor of feel, remembrance, or aesthetic and can be defined only as...satisfying."

The following are excerpts from shooting editor Terry Wieland's comments in the Gray's Sporting Journal 2019 Expeditions and Guides Annual:

"There are three key things to look at when assessing a new rifle: Ergonomics, price, and accuracy. Mauser's new M18 scores very high on accuracy, its ergonomic qualities are excellent, and its price is almost unbelievable. The M18 bolt action follows in the tradition of the Mauser 98, but with such modern features as a three-lug, low-lift bolt and a trigger-block safety. The latter, however, is three-position, meaning you can unload the chamber without moving the safety to "fire" and have a third position where the trigger is blocked and the bolt is locked closed. The M18 has a retail price of just $699."

"Out of the box, this is one of the most accurate rifles I have ever encountered, and it has an absolutely superb trigger. Other innovative features include: A detachable recoil pad, which allows storage of small items like a pull-through; a detachable polymer box magazine that outwardly resembles the traditional Mauser; a trigger guard that is integral with the stock, eliminating the need for a floorplate; soft rubber inserts in the polymer stock to give a firm, comfortable grip. Because of the price, Mauser styles the M18 the "People's Rifle." Considering its low price and high quality, it could be termed "Everyman's Rifle."

"We are honored to receive this prestigious award from Gray's Sporting Journal and appreciate their recognition of Mauser's efforts to make an exceptional rifle for the money," said Christian Socher, CEO of Blaser USA. "The goal was to make this 'The People's Rifle', and it has been embraced by hunters throughout the world who want a rugged, reliable, and accurate rifle at a great price."