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New York -- Tough Mudder Inc. has announced a new campaign to inspire consumers to log off and Take Back the Weekend by pledging to use Tough Mudder's new Out-of-Office Generator and earn a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Launched January 8, Tough Mudder's Take Back the Weekend campaign is designed to give consumers the tools needed to maximize their time outside the office. Its new Out-of-Office Generator spits out cheeky one-liners that Mudders can insert into email auto-reply responses to ensure a work-free weekend. The messages will keep Mudders offline and will promote to their fellow workaholics to unplug as well with a unique incentive - a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the United Arab Emirates.

All Mudders are encouraged to register for the Out-of-Office Generator for a chance to win the trip, which also includes free entry to a Tough Mudder event in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, as well as other local adventures.

"Too many Mudders concede their weekends to work and miss out on the valuable 48 hours of free time they earn each week," said Rabia Qari, SVP of Marketing at Tough Mudder. "We've launched the Take Back the Weekend campaign because we know how important it is for Mudders to control how they're spending their hard-earned free time. Tough Mudder events are a great way for social exercisers and fitness gurus to lock in quality time with their friends, with collaborative obstacles and an environment like none other when it comes to obstacle course racing events."

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 30 percent of weekday employed persons work on the weekend and more than 50 percent of those workers do not use all allotted vacation time. Tough Mudder knows how rare it is to have a completely free weekend, and with only 52 chances, 104 days, or 2,496 hours, they think it's important to make the most of them.

Some of the out-of-office messages the Generator will produce include: "You've contacted me over the weekend, which means you shouldn't have," and "67 percent of people don't work on the weekend, I'm one them" and even, "I give you 2,400 minutes during a work week, do you really need one more?" The Generator is designed to make it easy for Mudders to step away from work on the weekend and join any number of outdoor events with friends - including Tough Mudder.

"We hope the Out-of-Office Generator is put to good use and allows Mudders to unplug on Fridays and truly leave work at work," said Qari. "We encourage folks to join the thousands of others who have done the same and celebrate taking back the weekend by registering for a Tough Mudder."

Tough Mudder events aren't ordinary fun runs - they are unique experiences that test mental strength and endurance. These teamwork-focused, untimed events feature collaborative obstacles and an epic Mudder Village festival with live entertainment, beer, authentic local food, fun games, challenges, and a never-ending supply of the camaraderie Mudder Nation is known for. And with events ranging from 5K to 10 miles, there's a Tough Mudder event for everyone. Tough Mudder 5K spans three miles and 13 collaborative obstacles, while Tough Mudder Classic is an 8-10 mile epic physical and mental challenge with 25 obstacles designed to drag participants outside of their comfort zone. All Tough Mudder events are focused on teamwork, so there's no judgement, no pressure - just a tribe of like-minded individuals trying something new, side by side, making memories and experiencing authentic human connection.

To learn more about the Tough Mudder Out-of-Office Generator, and how to win the ultimate trip to Take Back the Weekend, please visit: toughmudder.com/OOO
To register for a Tough Mudder event near you, please visit:


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