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OutdoorHub reports:

Birmingham, Alabama -- Moultrie, the industry leader in game-management solutions, is excited to release its newest line of mineral attractants and supplements. Deer Magnet Liquid, Deer Magnet Granular, Deer Magnet Earth, and Deer Magnet Spray are all new for 2019.

The Deer Magnet series of products is infused with a proprietary, extended-range formula called PowerDraw that combines powerful aromatics with a potent flavor that deer prefer over natural forage. The unique blend draws deer from a distance and keeps them coming back to the source.

Deer Magnet Liquid comes in one-gallon bottles and is available in Persimmon, Green Apple, and Acorn flavors. This long-lasting, far-reaching formula harnesses the power of nature's most intoxicating flavors and can be added to feed or poured directly on the ground.

Deer Magnet Granular is the powder form of the new Deer Magnet series. It, too, is available in Persimmon, Green Apple, and Acorn flavors and comes in a 5-pound bag.

Deer Magnet Earth is a mineral attractant. This five-pound bag of PowerDraw-infused mineral blend creates an irresistible taste deer love. Deer Magnet Earth can be spread across the ground in high-traffic areas and is an excellent choice for mineral sites.

Deer Magnet Spray comes in a 24-ounce spray bottle for easy transport to the stand or blind. Deer Magnet Spray comes in Persimmon and Green Apple flavors and allows for versatility in application as it can be sprayed on the ground; onto existing food sources; or onto brush, grasses, and trees. The powerful aroma of Persimmon and Green Apple will draw deer within shooting range.

Deer Magnet Liquid, Granular, Earth, and Spray will be available in stores and online in early 2019. Each of the four Deer Magnet products has an MSRP of $14.99. For more, visit moultriefeeders.com.