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Source: Innovet Pet news release

GARDENA, California -- Innovet Pet announced today that they have acquired Tindog.co - a popular app known for helping dog owners expand their social circle and find new friends. In their announcement, the company says they will be redirecting the website's goal by placing a much greater focus on its healthy living features and how to have a healthy active lifestyle with dogs in all environments.

Tindog experienced a burst of popularity in 2015 as an app that connected dogs and their owners to others to build new friendships and even make love connections. In a similar fashion to Tinder's swipe right/left design, owners could create a short profile for their dog that included their age, sex, and a picture of them.

Innovet Pet says in changing Tindog's focus, the website will no longer be used to help dogs find their new park friend. Instead, Tindog will be a website that focuses on providing online access to health services, such as living with a psychological disability.

"You can feel the excitement in the room," says co-founder Dave Louvet. "This is a big step for our company because it opens a major facet in the way we operate. By redirecting Tindog's focus to providing online access to living a healthy life physically and mentally with your pet, we are building a closer bond between our customers, their pets, and us. It furthers our goal of transparency, it furthers our goal in proving complete health to our customers, and it furthers our goal to show we care."

"By pushing our company to better provide physical, emotional, and psychological support, we show that we aren't like others that are just trying to sell you something."

Upon its relaunch launch, Tindog.co will offer the best tools and information available to pet owners who want to embark on a healthier life for both them and their pets from small motivational tips to complete health guides. Innovet Pet says they plan to have Tindog relaunch by the first week of October.

About Innovet Pet - Innovet Pet (innovetpet.com) contributes their success as the number 1 pet CBD company in the world because of their focus on the customer. Innovet Pet is guided by their four principles: most affordable cost without jeopardizing quality, open and direct communication with customers through social media groups, providing 100% transparency and lab-tested results right on the products and website, and offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.