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Source: Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition news release

Arden Hills, Minnesota -- For the second year in a row, Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition has declared October as Mini Pig Awareness Month, promoting education, responsible care and the joys of mini pig ownership.

"We've seen a rise in mini pig ownership in recent years," says Troy Tollefson, Ph.D. Nutritionist at Mazuri. "However, the mini pig community is still relatively small, and owners have limited resources in regards to their nutrition and care. We're hoping to start more conversations and educate the community with a month dedicated to mini pig education and awareness."

Mini pigs have proven to be wonderful pets, bringing smiles, comfort and connecting people throughout the country. Some mini pigs have become therapy animals, surpassing the standard pet designation. However, with a rise in mini pig popularity and few credible resources on proper nutrition and responsible care, many mini pigs are inevitably landing in rescue organizations.

With Mini Pig Awareness Month, Mazuri aims to empower owners, enthusiasts and potential owners with the right resources to keep their beloved pets healthy and thriving.

What can you expect during Mini Pig Awareness Month? Mazuri will share educational articles covering a variety of mini pig topics, including nutrition, health and management. The Mazuri Facebook Page will host contests around mini pigs with special prizes throughout the month.

Along with exclusive giveaways and educational content, Mazuri will be launching reformulated mini pig feeds containing probiotics to improve gut health and added nutrients for skin health.

"We're excited to celebrate Mini Pig Awareness Month with the wonderful mini pig community," says Tollefson. "We hope this annual month of celebration continues for years to come."

To learn more about how Mazuri offers a nutrition solution for every mini pig life stage, visit Mazuri.com.

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