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Source: Pawtocol news release

Miami, Florida -- Pawtocol, the premier Blockchain company dedicated to the pet industry, has launched the Pawtocol Blockchain Dog Tag, their latest technology to improve the life of your pet.

The launch consists of a limited release to all users through our reservation system, as well as a partnership with the ProBit Exchange during Pawtocol's IEO beginning on December 27th.

In support of the company's broader animal welfare initiative, the ProBit release also includes 1000 Blockchain Dog Tags solely for animal shelters. This program will help these organizations transition onto the platform, which will help streamline their critical operation.

The Blockchain Dog Tag will be the entry point to Pawtocol's advanced pet community and it securely organizes your pet's information on the blockchain. It's also meant to simplify the onboarding process for first-time blockchain users since it comes preloaded with UPI that can be used to execute your first transactions.

Due to overwhelming demand, pet owners can only reserve one free Blockchain Dog Tag before launch. When they're ready, the recipients will be able to claim their Blockchain Dog Tag on Pawtocol's social media announcements.

Once it arrives, setup is simple. It attaches to your pet's collar in the same way as any other tag and activation takes just 3 steps:

Scan the QR code
Register with the platform
Complete the pet profile

So, why is the Blockchain Dog Tag so revolutionary?

It will be the primary identification system that allows pet parents to be rewarded with Universal Pet Income (UPI) for sharing valuable data in the Pawtocol Data Marketplace.

If your pet ever gets lost, Pawtocol's Blockchain Dog Tag will offer additional security beyond today's standard microchip. It can even trigger a reward to be paid automatically for returning the pet safely.

It will also make vet visits more productive, as a simple scan of the tag will display your pet's complete medical history. This means your vet can spend more time with your pet, and less time deciphering paperwork.