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Source: GP Solutions news release

Corona, California -- GP Solutions, Inc., the developer of "GrowPods" - controlled environment automated micro-farms, announced that Prolific - the company's line of innovative nutrients and growth mediums, are now available on Amazon.

Previously available only to commercial growers, the smaller sized packages allow consumers to grow clean, uncontaminated food of the highest quality.

Prolific is a premium bio-active soilless growth medium that contains mycorrhizae. It is composed of the finest quality ingredients available, including coconut coir, alfalfa, kelp, volcanic perlite, and sphagnum peat moss.

Prolific is excellent for indoor and outdoor growing, seed starts and transplants, and has outstanding water holding capabilities. The innovative growth medium is free of human and sewage waste, and is completely balanced so it will not cause burning.

Many commercially available growth mediums contain soil that can be contaminated with potentially dangerous microorganisms such as E. coli and Salmonella. Prolific does not contain any native soil, providing growers a level of safety and the means to grow clean, pure, organic "superfoods."

Plus, unlike most growth mediums or potting soils, Prolific is reusable and sustainable.

Prolific Hydro is an environmentally friendly fertilizer for all types of plants and crops, that combines the best of organic and conventional ingredients, an all-in-one solution that helps anyone grow like a pro.

"Prolific is perfect for growing organic vegetables and herbs in any environment, including indoor or outdoor farms, greenhouses, potted plants, and shipping containers," said George Natzic, President of GP Solutions. "These innovative products are suitable for beginners to professional farmers, and anyone who wants to grow own organic superfoods."

To view and purchase Prolific Soilless Growth Medium on Amazon, visit: http://bit.ly/ProlificSoil.

To view and purchase Prolific Hydro on Amazon, visit: http://bit.ly/ProlificHydro.