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Source: Mile Four news release

Minneapolis, Minnesota -- Mile Four is a new eCommerce store shipping fresh, organic whole grain chicken feed nationwide. Offering subscription and one-time sales, the company is targeting the growing backyard chicken market.

"We want to make raising backyard chickens as simple as possible by offering fresh whole grain feed on a continual basis," says Founder Luke Huebner. "The backyard chicken market is growing as folks become more interested in organic living."

"It makes things so much easier for the buyer and the flock when feed, supplements and treats are delivered directly to their door."

Customers who subscribe to their chosen feed receive 10% off every order and can set their delivery schedule exactly how they want it depending on the size of their flock.

"People generally don't stop at three or four chickens. Once they have a small number, they get addicted. They're great pets to have around, so offering flexible delivery schedules really helps as the number of chickens grows," Huebner said.
The feed starts at $9.00 and customers can save $10 off their first order: https://milefour.com/products/chicken-layer-feed

Company Background

Minneapolis based Mile Four was founded by Luke Huebner who grew up on a 5th generation family farm four miles outside of a small town in western Minnesota. Luke, an eCommerce veteran with 15+ years of experience wanted to pair his digital marketing skills with his family farming background.

As keeping chickens becomes mainstream in many suburban and rural areas, Huebner hopes to offer a product that everyone can take advantage of.

Offering Starter, Grower and Layer Feed as well as a number of different supplements and treats, Mile Four is essentially a one-stop-shop for chicken nutrition.

As the company grows, Huebner plans to add more products to the site.

"Chicken owners are great people who really care for their pets. We want to make sure there is a site where they can get everything they need."