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OutdoorHub.com reports:

Otis has been on the innovative side of specialized gun care since around 1985. Their motto of "Smart Gun Care" continues to serve the company and the public well. At this year's SHOT Show Otis was on hand continuing to introduce great products for every day gun care.

Just a few of the many new and "Smart Gun Care" products this year include:

Ripcord Multi Caliber 10 Pack

A multi pack of the Otis well know Ripcord offering 10 of the most popular calibers in a pull through bore cleaner, all in a single kit. Also includes a t-handle for east of pulling the Ripcord through the bore, along with a short all-purpose brush. Calibers include, .17, .22/.223, .243, .280, .270, .30/7.62, .38/9mm, .40, .45 and 12 gauge. MSRP $99.99

Gunsmithing File Set

Hardened steel alloy files make the perfect addition to any work bench and makes quick work of any project. The dipped handles will stand up to any job and provide easy maneuverability, superior grip and excellent control. Perfectly suited for precise work, the 6 Piece Needle File Set increases your accuracy during use while reducing hand and wrist stress. The included PVC pouch provides a storage option keeping your tools neatly organized and protected. Each piece is 5.5" long with 3.5" file length. MSRP $8.99

3 Gun Rip Cord Set

Another cool set, the 3 Gun Ripcord Trio is an essential one-pass bore cleaner for 3 Gun Competitive Shooters. Shoot fast in competition, clean fast between stages with the Ripcord. This set includes three Ripcords for cleaning .223cal rifles, 9mm pistols and 12-gauge shotguns as well as a t-handle. The rubber core of the Ripcord maintains pressure against the barrel allowing for a 360-degree clean. Formed around an Otis Memory-Flex cable, the Ripcord features an easy-feed design. The rigid Nomex fibers loosen and capture fouling particles. It also is heat resistant up to 700 degrees meaning you can clean between stages while the barrel is still hot. Ultra-portable, pack them in your range bag for the insurance you need to keep your guns running clean during competition. MSRP $34.99

Bullseye Box

The Shooter's Choice Bullseye Box includes the necessary equipment for cleaning rifles, pistols and shotguns. This system is all contained in a tackle box style case with pull out drawers for quick visibility of components. Includes solid rods with swivel handles for rifle/shotgun and pistol length and includes the brushes, mops and jags for .22/.223cal, .243cal, .270cal, .30cal, 9mm, .40cal, .45cal, 20 gauge & 12 gauge. Also includes 1" and 2.5" square patches (100 each). Properly clean, lubricate and protect your firearms with the included MC-7 cleaner (2 oz), FP-10 Lubricant Elite (0.5oz & 4oz), All Weather Firearm Grease (10cc) and Rust Prevent (6oz). Additional cleaning gear includes 3 all-purpose receiver brushes, great for cleaning hard to reach areas, 50 pipe cleaners, 100 cleaning swabs and 3 microfiber gun towels. Clean your lens with the included lens brush; dust brush also included. MSRP 174.99

These are just a few of the new products available from Otis for 2020. No doubt the folks from Otis will continue to drive forward and bring new innovative products for "Smart Gun Care" now into the future.