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Source: TruGreen news release

Memphis, Tennessee -- TruGreen, the largest provider of lawn care services in the country, today announces the launch of a new branding campaign focused on raising awareness about their services with existing and potential customers. The foundation of the campaign is rooted in homeowner pride and TruGreen's science-based expertise to deliver results that make a statement. To bring this national campaign to life, TruGreen will be revealing two new TV spots in addition to digital and social creative assets.

The goal of the new campaign is to show how TruGreen's science-based expertise and local experience help customers achieve a lawn that makes them proud and reflects the best version of who they are. In a fun and entertaining way, the campaign highlights the tagline: "When you see a great lawn, it's all you see." Throughout the 30-second spots, outlandish occurrences, such as alien visitors and a meteor landing, take place on a TruGreen-serviced lawn, but consumers are too mesmerized by the green grass to notice.

"At TruGreen we are committed to providing our customers with a lawn they can feel proud of and one that positively reflects their lifestyle," said Anthony Conversa, Chief Growth Officer. "We hope this new campaign illustrates TruGreen's commitment to help our customers showcase a lawn that commands everyone's attention."

The new TV spots are featured across an array of national, cable, network and connected TV programming familiar to TruGreen's core audiences. Viewers can watch the new campaign on sports, business and lifestyle channels, as well as TruGreen's social channels.

"As part of the new campaign, we experimented with humor in a way that is unconventional in the lawn care industry and reinforces TruGreen as a premium and expert brand," said Justin Reinke, VP of Product Management and Brand Marketing. "The launch of this campaign signifies a reintroduction of TruGreen and allows us to connect with new and existing customers on how we can provide a tailored and localized service experience."

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, TruGreen operates approximately 260 branches and 38 franchise locations across the United States and Canada, offering a comprehensive set of lawn care services to more than 2.5 million residential and commercial customers' accounts. The campaign was developed in collaboration with Brownstein Group, a marketing and communications agency in Philadelphia. The new TV spots for the campaign can be viewed here and here.

For more information about TruGreen and the new campaign, please visit www.trugreen.com and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About TruGreen

TruGreen is the nation's leading lawn care company serving over 2.5 million residential and commercial customer accounts with lawn, tree and shrub care along with mosquito control. TruGreen's science-based expertise coupled with a customer-centered approach serves as the foundation for achieving a healthy, green lawn and establishing homeowner pride. There are approximately 260 TruGreen lawn care branches in the United States and Canada, plus 38 franchise locations. Visit http://www.TruGreen.com or http://www.facebook.com/TruGreen for more information about TruGreen.