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Source: GP Solutions news release

Los Angeles, California -- GP Solutions, Inc., developer of GrowPods - Controlled Environment Micro-Farms - can help farmers quickly expand and provide ultra-fresh "Superfoods" to a nation in need - and increase their income in the process.
"Organic farmers make a lot more money than conventional farmers," the headline in one article exclaimed. "Organic agriculture is significantly more profitable (22-35%) and had higher benefit/cost ratios (20-24%) than conventional agriculture," a comprehensive study revealed.

According to the USDA 2020 Farm Sector Income Forecast, net farm incomes are expected to decline another $10 billion this year. Many row crop farmers are barely breaking even, which makes premiums offered for organic and luxury foods even more appealing.

GrowPods allow farmers to add high-margin superfoods to their business - rapidly and affordably - with cultivation taking place year-round.

GrowPods are transportable and scalable finely tuned automated micro-farms that can grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and microgreens with faster harvest times than conventional agriculture. Additionally, GrowPods feature a sealed and filtered environment that can eliminate pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants - simplifying organic and superfood cultivation.

iGrow News says that GrowPods produce such high quality food that is "better than organic."

CNN reported that controlled environment micro-farms like GrowPods are earning farmers and entrepreneurs over $15,000 a month. The report said that these systems can harvest 4,000 to 6,000 plants a week - roughly 80 times the number you would get from a similar amount of space on a conventional farm.

"The lettuce has more taste, and definitely better texture," the article stated. "Once someone tries them, they want them."

For information on GrowPods, call: (855) 247-8054 or visit: www.growpodsolutions.com.