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Source: Pumpkin Pet Insurance news release

New York, New York -- Pumpkin Pet Insurance ("Pumpkin") has announced that its insurance plan is now available to cat and dog owners in all 50 states across America. The news comes just three months after the company launched its best-in-class pet health insurance plan.

Pumpkin is addressing a gap in the pet care industry by providing a holistic accident and illness insurance plan so pet owners can help keep their cats and dogs healthy year-round. Their robust offering - which has been selected by Business Insider as the "best pet insurance for comprehensive coverage" on the market - reimburses 90% of all eligible vet bills at any licensed veterinary clinic in North America. Pumpkin also provides three annual deductible options as opposed to a per-condition deductible, and unlike some other plans, is available for all dogs and cats eight weeks and older with no upper age limits.

Pumpkin covers a wide range of health issues and treatments including, but not limited to: hereditary conditions, behavioral problems, dental illnesses, sick visit exam fees, emergency services, surgery, and alternative therapies like acupuncture.

Even though pets are inseparable members of the family, only 2% of dog and cat owners currently have health insurance for their animals.2 Pumpkin is aiming to increase pet insurance adoption and enable the best care for all cats and dogs. By making it easier for furry loved ones to get the regular care they need, Pumpkin helps pets live their longest and healthiest lives.

For more information about Pumpkin and to see how other insurance plans compare, visit www.pumpkin.care.

About Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc.

Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc. (Pumpkin) is a direct-to-consumer pet care company and insurance producer founded to help ensure pets live their longest and healthiest lives. Pumpkin Pet Insurance plan offers dog and cat owners advanced veterinary care coverage for eligible conditions. Pumpkin Preventive Essentials offers life-threatening disease prevention through reimbursing for an annual wellness exam fee, and key annual vaccines and lab tests. All Pumpkin Plans provide reimbursement for covered care administered by any licensed veterinary clinic in the U.S. and Canada.