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Source: Fresh Eggs Daily news release

Bangor, Maine -- Lisa Steele, the television personality behind "Welcome to My Farm" and six-time author is celebrating National Chicken Month with her fans, followers, and anyone who has an interest in chickens.

Lisa is the creative force behind Fresh Eggs Daily, the most popular destination for natural poultry-keeping advice on the internet. She has been dubbed the "Queen of The Coop" by media and fans alike as she is known for dishing out advice on raising chickens, starting your own backyard coop, gardening, DIY projects, and cooking delicious food. With over a million followers across social media, she has been influential in helping people across the county to start a backyard coop and learn how to raise their chickens - not to mention what to do with the eggs they lay!

Lisa will be celebrating National Chicken Month with fun giveaways, curated content, and by kicking off a new Instagram Live cooking series!

Lisa, along with influencers and brands, will celebrate by:

September 1st - Lisa will kick off Backyard Flock Week on Instagram, highlighting backyard birds and offering advice on raising them, the week will end with a loop giveaway that contains an autographed copy of her book, Duck Eggs Daily, and her highly rated chicken and duck feed supplement, Fresh Eggs Daily Brewer's Yeast with Garlic.

September 8th - Lisa will kick off a giveaway on Instagram where at the end of the week the winner will receive a jewelry combination of earrings and a necklace in the shape of either a chicken or an egg provided by Delicacies Jewelry.

September 8th - Lisa is launching her new IG Live Cooking Series where viewers will challenge her to create something delicious with what they have in their pantry or refrigerator - however bare bones that may be! Viewers who want to participate can send in a picture of the ingredients in their pantry or refrigerator and if chosen you can join Lisa on IG Live and cook alongside her as she teaches you to create a meal with exactly what you have. To submit your pantry photo for a chance to be on the IG Live show, email Fresheggsdaily@gmail.com.

September 10th - Blue Seal's Facebook Live series starring Lisa and her expert chicken advice will kick-off. Lisa will be providing seasonal advice such as how to add chickens to your flock, winterizing your coop and so much more!

September 15th - Lisa is kicking off an Instagram giveaway where she will be giving the lucky winner a Farm Kitchen Set by Southern Farm Co.

Throughout the month, Lisa will be cooking with eggs, offering tips and advice to create your own sustainable food source in your backyard, and sharing the personalities of her sweet birds Claudette, Violet, and Fern - the real divas of Fresh Eggs Daily!

To participate in any of the above activities or to join Lisa on her journey celebrating National Chicken Month, follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

About Lisa Steele:

Lisa Steele is the creative force behind Fresh Eggs Daily. After a successful career on Wall Street, Lisa found herself wanting to return to her family roots of raising chickens. As a 5th generation chicken keeper, six-time author (currently working on her seventh book!), and television personality, Lisa has become the go-to expert for everything chickens, gardening, and cooking with eggs. Lisa has been featured on Hallmark Home and Family, The View, Good Morning Sacramento, The Wall Street Journal, LA Daily News, Parade Magazine, and so many more.