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Source: Toyota

Our commitment to customers:

History shows that great companies learn from their mistakes. That's why all 172,000 people working for Toyota and our dealers are doing more than ever to make things right for our customers today and for the future.

First, we are fixing the vehicles covered by our recent recalls.

Our technicians are repairing up to 50,000 vehicles a day.
Many dealers are extending hours - some of them working around the clock - to fix your cars quickly and conveniently.

Second, Toyota engineers have rigorously tested our solutions - and we are confident that no problems exist with the electronics in our vehicles.

We've designed our electronic throttle control system with multiple fail-safe mechanisms to shut-off or reduce engine power in the event of a system failure. And they work.
But we're not stopping there. We've asked a world-class engineering firm to conduct a comprehensive independent analysis. Their interim report confirms that our fail-safe features work.
Toyota will make the results of this comprehensive, independent evaluation available to the public when it is completed.

Third, we're taking steps to ensure that we learn from this experience - and operate in a more open and transparent way.

We've launched a top-to-bottom review of our quality controls worldwide-design, production, sales and service.
We are assembling a group of distinguished independent safety experts to help ensure that these quality controls meet or exceed industry standards.
We're listening more closely to our customers, gathering information faster and responding more effictively when there's an issue.

At Toyota, building safe cars is what we've been doing for 50 years - and we are committed to continuing that legacy for decades to come.


Jim Lentz
President and Chief Operating Officer
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

To learn more about what we're doing for customers, please visit: toyota.com