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National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) reports:
OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS - The National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) has honored Stephanie Liska, CEO of Beck Ag, Inc., with the NAMA Marketer of the Year award. The award will be presented during the Second General Session of the 2010 Agri-Marketing Conference, "From America's Heartland to the Rest of the World" on Thursday, April 22 at 11:00 a.m. in Kansas City , Missouri and is sponsored by Agri Marketing magazine.

NAMA recognizes its active members with senior management of marketing and/or sales responsibilities with the NAMA Marketer of the Year award. This award is NAMA's most prestigious honor awarded to active members of the association and honors outstanding accomplishments in the field of agri-marketing

Stephanie Liska is a marketing pioneer who was instrumental in the refinement and widespread use of Word of Mouth Marketing in the ag industry. She has led ag marketers to leverage positive customer experiences into market share gains. Liska joined Beck Ag in 1998, shortly after the company's 1997 formation and grew to become the organization's leader. Liska has been instrumental in guiding Beck Ag to become a company focused solely on agriculture and committed to helping ag professionals succeed. She was raised on a family farm and has close to 25 years of successful experience in ag sales and marketing.

Liska has led beck Ag to create truly innovative word of mouth marketing tools and processes which help clients engage their best sales force, satisfied customers, with prospects to change behaviors, accelerate adoption and impact market share. She has focused the company on delivering hgih value to clients and ultimately to the ag professionals who participate in Beck Ag word of mouth intitiatives. To deliver this exceptional value to Beck Ag's clients, Lisak has focused on developing and refining a two-fold word of mouth marketing approach that uses the experiences of satisfied customers to leverage the power of peer influence.

Liska led the development and continually refines the copywrited and trademarked AgTelecom® and AgTelePanel® dialogue process. This successful process drives how a client's prospective customers discuss, interact and learn from the experiences of a client's advocates in a very specific facilitated dialogue design. Beck Ag's approach has been researched and proven by Purdue University to accelerate adoption and increase the loyalty and market penetration enjoyed by Beck Ag's clients.

Under her leadership, Beck Ag has brought to market new offerings like the Business Academy , an online curriculum that incorporates peer-to-peer learning in a virtual classroom setting. She also initiated advocacy programs in which Beck Ag engaged early adopters of new products and technologies, built rapport with these pioneers, helped them to better succeed and then utilized the relationship and their knowledge to share with prospective usuers of the products/technologies. Another innovative tool that Liska initiated is what Beck Ag has termed PURL's (Personal URL's). These are individualized web pages with information specific to programs that the participants are registered for and engaged in. This tool has received great praise from program participants as well as Beck Ag clients.

In the Fall of 2009, Liska saw an opportunity, created by challenging harvest conditions in areas of the Midwest , to educate producers about options stilll available to them to maximize the profitability of their crop harvest. This timely and innovative AgTelePanel® discussion titles, Still in the Field But Not Out of Options, featured Grain Drying, Handling and Storage expert, Dr. Kenneth Hellevang, North Dakota State University , Dr. Alison Robertson, Iowa State University 's Dept. of Plant Pathalogy and Bob Utterback, Utterback Marketing, to discuss Marketing Strategies to Manage Risk. The program was sponsored by the Kixor® family of herbicides from BASF, AgriDry, LLC - maker of Bullseye Grain Temperature/Moisture Controller and Monsanto's Genuity™ SmartStax™ corn. Sponsors were extremely impressed and pleased to see the tactful and professional incorporation of their products into the discussion.

Liska's willingness to try new, innovative marketing concepts has provided Beck Ag's clients with a distinct competitive edge through the use and advancement of an effective form of word of mouth marketing, namely, peer influence selling through experience sharing dialogue. Beck Ag has also pioneered a real-time advocacy-building strategy that helped clients to learn exactly what producers were experiencing with new technologies throughout the planting, growing and harvesting season. As a result of this integrated approach, Beck Ag's clients gain key insight to help shape their marketing and sales startegies for the future. They successfully identified their current satisfied curtsomers to serve as an advocate base in their future word-of-mouth marketing campaign.

Based on Liska's marketplace knowledge and past marketing and sales experience, she recognizes the best marketing programs succeeded only when the field sales force is engaged. Communicating sales leads and customer intelligence to the client's sales reps is a process developed by Liska. Because of the strategy designed by her, more than 1/3 of active targeted prospects raise their hand, giving a sales rep permission to ask for an order - it doesn't get much better than that! When a sales force is not available - the follow up can be provided by Beck Ag TeleExpert professionals.

Lisak has been involved with NAMA since she was a student at Iowa State University as an active member and participant in the late 1980s on the marketing team. Most recently she has served on national committees, including her leadership as chair of the 2009 Agri-Marketing Conference Committee. This conference was very well received and well-attended and received high evaluations from attendees.

As Beck Ag's leader, Liska encourages involvement of all employees and associates in NAMA as well as providing them the necessary time to volunteer on local and national committees.