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Source: Milk Products press release

Milk Products has been named National Sales Agent for Bovidr Laboratories. Milk Products will begin distributing Nutri-drench and Nutri-drops products through feed manufacturers, retailers, and wholesale distribution beginning July 6, 2010. Nutri-drench and Nutri-drops are liquid energy supplements fed to animals off-feed and in stress situations. This agreement with Bovidr Laboratories brings several decades of unique product technology to Milk Products, a company rich in history within the feed industry.

Milk Products president, Dave Kuehnel said, "We are excited about the opportunity to offer such high quality, effective products as Nutri-Drench and Nutri-Drops. This strategic partnering offers opportunities for our customers to fill a current void in their animal health programs."

Bovidr Laboratories' President, Karyn Turner adds, "We are proud to be represented by a company with rich history in agriculture and strong capability to market our products. We are creating a new kind of industry leader -- one founded on customer success and the best of nutrition products and services. Milk Products offers diverse distribution opportunities for our unique products and vaults us into a significantly improved structure."

About Milk Products

With a skilled professional staff backed by more than a half-century of experience, Milk Products is an expert source of accurate information about milk replacers, calf nutrition, and raising young livestock. Milk Products' extensive distribution network is dedicated to customized support to their customers and partners. Based in Chilton, Wisconsin, Milk Products is the largest U.S. producer of private-label milk replacers for the independent feed manufacturing industry and home of Sav-A-Caf brand products.

Websites: www.milkproductsinc.com and www.savacaf.com

Email: mpinfo@milkproductsinc.com

About Bovidr Laboratories, Inc.

Backed by the first patent ever granted on "speed of nutrient availability", Bovidr Laboratories revolutionized the industry with a superior nutritional supplement that is the first to bypass digestion. Vital nutrients absorb to the bloodstream in minutes while other supplements are still in the digestion process.(99% utilization)

Website: www.bovidr.com

Nutri-Drench for dairy/beef, sheep/goat, swine, poultry, equine, alpaca/llama

Nutri-Drops for pets, rabbits, and cavies