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NEW YORK, NY -- The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is the United States' largest private, nonprofit conservation education and advocacy organization, with over four million members and supporters, and 47 state and territorial-affiliated organizations.

Now the NWF is moving into video in a big way to inform its current and prospective members and support its ongoing campaigns -- adding more than 11 video channels of video to the Federation's web site. Matt Schuttloffel, Vice President, Systems and Technology for National Wildlife Federation, explains: "We see online video as an extremely powerful way to communicate and engage anyone interested in wildlife or our mission. We're excited to partner with Magnify.net to build such a robust video experience on our website and we look forward to expanding our video offerings in the weeks and months ahead."

The NWF Channels are organized by relevant conservation topics and will include themes like Birds & Birding, Campus Ecology, Garden for Wildlife, and Kids.

Said Magnify.net CEO Steven Rosenbaum, "It is clear that the National Wildlife Federation's mission is well-suited for video. Visitors looking for information, content, and engaging video will be assured of high-quality, accurate and compelling information."

The National Wildlife Federation strives to remain "a national network of like-minded state and territorial groups, seeking balanced, common-sense solutions to environmental problems that work for wildlife and people." Its mission statement is "to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future."

Magnify.net will provide the Federation with a powerful set of platform-based tools to publish, gather, and invite contributed content to their site. The Magnify Curation solution is quickly becoming an industry-leading solution as publishers, brands, and not-for-profits discover the power of video content curation.

Said Magnify CEO Rosenbaum: "For an organization like National Wildlife Federation, there is an enormous amount of knowledge that can be leveraged to make their site a valuable resource. With issues like climate, the ability for web visitors to get accurate and timely information is critical. NWF is able to leverage their academic and intellectual assets to both create video, but also gather and curate video for visitors. This model is efficient, and it's essential -- as unfiltered web content is often biased or inaccurate."

"We take our responsibility seriously," said Mr. Schuttloffel. "Providing a place that can present and filter video for visitors becomes increasingly important as the web emerges as the distribution platform for both videos and television more broadly. We're excited to be leading the charge, and providing wildlife, conservation and education video to our growing visitor base."

About NWF:

The National Wildlife Federation has been inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future since 1936. We are America's conservation organization, helping to confront global warming, safeguard wildlife and connect people to nature. Visit us at http://www.nwf.org

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