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Source: United Horsemen announcement by Sue Wallis, Vice President

"We could not be more enthused about the success of the Summit of the Horse!

We had over 200 people there in person, and another 879 unique viewers on our webcasts. Tremendous press coverage nationwide...Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, Tulsa, LA Times, even as far away as New Zealand. Great discussions. Tons of solid data and information. Knowledgeable experts. All of which we will try to make available to as wide an audience as possible in the coming days and weeks.

Efforts are underway to form a broad based coalition to work on common objectives, and the academic equine programs are already collaborating to organize and compile the immense amount of information that was presented at the Summit for various audiences, and for different purposes.

We will be sharing all of this and more in the coming days and weeks.

Be sure to bookmark our home page at http://United-Horsemen.org, where you can check our Summit of the Horse Blog often."