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Gloucester, Massachusetts -- Today, more than ever, consumers want to become more eco-friendly. As global warming impacts the earth, water supplies diminish, landfills reach capacity, and we all recognize that we must do our part to preserve the planet and its resources. The good news? What once seemed overwhelming is now becoming easier for the average consumer to incorporate into their lives. This year, consider recycling your rain! With the launch of the solar powered RainPerfect pump system from ITT, running your hose or sprinkler from your rain barrel just got a big boost of easy.

"RainPerfect is a great way to go 'double duty' green in 2011," Jeff Schopperle, Product Manager at ITT, explains. "Since it works with solar energy, there is no need for electrical work in order to have an electrical outlet for a rain barrel pump. And by running the pump 'off the grid,' energy is saved and rainwater is utilized. It's just a better way for the environment on both fronts. We think it's one of the simplest things that consumers can do to protect the planet now."

How RainPerfect Works:

You can finally get water pressure from your rain barrel with the RainPerfect pump. The RainPerfect pump and solar panel install easily and provide plenty of pressure through an ordinary garden hose. This effective pressure is enough to run most low pressure sprinklers, wash a car or water just about anything around your home. With the solar panel there is no need for an electrical outlet making the RainPerfect pump ready to go anywhere anytime. Considering that water usage increases in the average suburban home during summer by 30% from lawn, flower and garden watering, RainPerfect offers an easy way to be "double green."

Additional RainPerfect pump details include:

•Pump runs off of a solar rechargeable NiMH battery for operation anytime - day or night
•Easy to install and adaptable to most style rain barrels
•Effectively pumps up to 100 gallons on a single charge

"At ITT we pride ourselves in being engineers behind products that help make for a better life. Environmentalists, conservationists, green families and those who aspire to be more environmentally conscious will agree that RainPerfect is a solution that makes us more responsible to our planet's finite resources," Schopperle said.

Increasingly, these ecologically minded efforts are being rewarded. With many states mandating rainwater usage, RainPerfect comes at the ideal time. In fact, your RainPerfect pump and rain barrel purchase may qualify you to receive a rebate from your local service utility company or government. Rebate amounts and qualifications vary by utility company or government and not all may qualify for a rebate. Please contact your local utility company or government for instructions on how to redeem rebates.

RainPerfect's initial roll out will begin in January 2011 and will be available nationally through select Grainger locations and via web at www.grainger.com, and at Tractor Supply locations and via web at www.tractorsupply.com. RainPerfect retails for approximately $139.00 (MSRP).

About ITT Corporation

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