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Mike Brull, Product Manager, Land Pride:

"Land Pride is a company that is proud of its Kansas heritage. Headquartered in Salina, it has manufacturing facilities in Abilene, Kipp and Lucas. For those of you that may not have heard of Land Pride, it is a manufacturer of farm and landscaping equipment for everyone from the big farmer, commercial landscaper to the urban consumer.

Land Pride has been marketing to the Rural Lifestyle market since our inception 25 years ago. We strive to continually produce new products each year, many geared specifically to the Rural Lifestyle segment, as this is a key market for us and our products. And we see that it's a growing market.

Our approach to reach this market is very broad-based. We use direct mailers, national and regional magazine ads, local dealer newspaper ads, local dealer radio ads and billboards, and, of course, our website. Dealer promotions are also an excellent way to reach out to and engage this segment.

We're particularly excited about our fifteen new products for 2011!

Three of the new products are the 12 series cutters, tillers and box blades. All built with economy in mind, while not giving up on durability and quality. They're perfect for the urban consumer with small acreage. These units are all 3-point-mounted for the many small tractors that are so popular.

Other new Land Pride products for 2011 include 7' and 12' rotary cutters. The 7' cutter sports a dual gearbox arrangement that allows the cutter to be shorter in length while maintaining a 7' cut. This shorter length makes these cutters easier to pick up and transport with smaller, 35-50 horsepower tractors.

The new 12' cutter flexes like a 15', but can be used on a 50-75 horse power tractor. Great for cleaning up around your acreage especially in the road ditches and other uneven ground.

Of course, this story would not be complete without mentioning Land Pride's zero turn mowers for everyone from the heavy-duty commercial mowing contractor to the homeowner.

There are several other new products that can be viewed at www.landpride.com."