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Source: North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA)

NAEDA has compiled and published its most comprehensive report on Dealer-Manufacturer Relations to date. Using an enhanced survey and data collection and reporting apparatus, NAEDA asked dealer-members throughout North America to rate their manufacturers on twelve key operating categories. The 60-page report is being released in April to dealers (through their regional affiliate associations) and the manufacturers.

The information can be used to monitor how manufacturers compare with other manufacturers when assessing potential business partners. Manufacturers can use the summary as a baseline for areas of improvement within their organization and the industry as a whole. The aim is to have serious discussions about industry best practices in these key business areas.

Over 1900 total evaluations were collected from dealers throughout North America evaluating twelve categories of dealer/manufacturer relationships. This report includes summaries of these survey categories for 39 manufacturer/brands. These companies received a sufficient number of responses necessary to provide meaningful analysis of results. The brands included in the report reflect the diversity of products sold and serviced by dealers

The survey results are broken down into four sections for comparative purposes: 1) All Manufacturers, 2) Ag-Manufacturers-Shortlines, 3) OPE Manufacturers and 4) Major Manufacturers. Each brand's mean score for each category is measured against the mean for all 39 manufacturers plus each manufacturer in the company's specific section. In addition, each company is measured separately against the mean for all manufacturers combined in bar graph form.

An exciting new development related to future surveys - NAEDA will be announcing the creation of a new award called the "Dealer's Choice Award". It will be awarded to the manufacturer scoring highest on the survey among three categories - Major Manufacturers; Shortline Manufacturers; and OPE Manufacturers. There will also be an award for "Most Improved". Details of the award program are still being developed. The awards will first be given following the survey in 2013 and every year thereafter. The awards will place even more emphasis on what dealers say in the survey results!