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Source: Equustock, LLC press release

Equustock, LLC's 100% natural absorbent spill cleanup product, Absorb & Clean, was selected as a winner of Hardware Retailing's Retailer's Choice Award at the 2012 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This award honors the "best of the best" in very competitive segments.

The National Retail Hardware Association recognized 26 products during the awards ceremony. These products, specifically nominated by independent retailers during the show, are considered to be the most innovative products in the market today, making them likely to be big-sellers in their stores.

Claire Brant, Managing Partner of Equustock, LLC stated, "Whether it is for a homeowner, commercial or environmental application, the 100% natural aspect of our product is the initial driver behind its success. When you consider it actually works 6 times better than clay absorbents, we knew we had a winner with Absorb & Clean. The absorbent consumer has grown tired of underperforming products. Unfortunately 'natural' is often seen as not as effective and more expensive. With Absorb & Clean, we discovered a process that transforms our wood fiber into micro-sponges that outperform most absorbent substrates on the market."

"Our production carries a responsible environmental chain of custody that is unique. Our zero waste, sustainable production facilities are about as 'green' as you get. The initial response to our new product line has been overwhelming. We can actually reduce consumption, reduce disposal and save the consumer close to 75% every day."

About Absorb & Clean:

Absorb & Clean is the new generation of spill absorbent technology. It is 100% natural and 4 - 6 times more absorbent than clay-based oil drying products. Absorb & Clean delivers unmatched performance for cleaning up liquid spills on land, water, and hard surfaces instantly. Through Equustock's proprietary UHCBSᶟ technology, the 100% natural wood fiber is engineered to quickly absorb most liquid spills from water to hydrocarbons. It is specifically screened to control dust and provide a superior level of on-demand absorbency, virtually eliminating the need for multiple products.

Absorb & Clean is safe for soil, cement, asphalt, tile, humans, animal, and plant life. It is available in refillable jug applications, 25-pound bags, and bulk containers. Absorb & Clean works the first time, every time.

About Equustock, LLC:

Makers of engineered wood products for animal bedding, cat litter, and bio-fuel. Equustock's 100% natural brands include: Guardian Horse Bedding, Big Heat Fuel Pellets, Guardian Angel Cat Litter, Unconditional Cat Litter, and Absorb & Clean. Equustock, LLC was founded in 2001. All products are made at their 10 plants in the United States with corporate headquarters in Loves Park, Illinois.