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Source: ScottsMiracle-Gro press release

Marysville, Ohio -- Passion for gardening, and great weather, has the nation outdoors early. Spring arrived sooner than expected in most regions of the country this year, which means that the growing season is already in full swing. From Maine to Florida to Texas to California, gardens are being planted, thriving and soaking up those beneficial rays everywhere. Get outdoors and have fun in the garden!

Growing your own produce is not just a trend; it is a great way to get outside, and an even better way to eat more fruits and vegetables. Whether growing containers on a balcony in the city or planting a large garden in the backyard, Mother Nature invites all outdoors this time of year.

According to Miracle-Gro scientist, Chris Cerveny, "There's nothing more rewarding than stepping out onto the back patio to snip some greens for a fresh dinner salad, and the best part is, it's easy to do no matter where you live or how much space you have."

While northerners are just getting planting, southerners have been busy bees in the garden for months. No matter where you live, follow these simple tips and get out into the garden now:

Build Great Soil: Improve growth and moisture control by uniformly mixing in rich organic matter, when planting the garden this spring. A garden soil, such as Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Garden Soil, helps protect plants from over-or-under-watering by holding onto moisture and releasing it as needed, while providing enough air space in the soil for roots to grow and breathe.

Outdoor Potted Plants: Use Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix in pots and containers to help container plants make the most of the water they receive. Larger pots help keep plants from becoming root-bound quickly and thirsting for water. Generally, the more room plants have to grow, the less water is needed, although young transplants will need extra care until they become established.

Mulch Everything: Apply a three inch layer of Scotts Nature Scapes Advanced Mulch around all plants - vegetables, shrubs, perennials, flowers (even in containers, but use less, about 1" is plenty). Mulching helps reduce evaporation from the soil surface and soil crusting that can reduce water infiltration. This helps keep more moisture in the soil longer for plants and helps keeps water-stealing weeds away by blocking access to sunlight.

Timely & Gentle Feeding: Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed makes feeding as easy as watering for all your flowers, vegetables, perennials, shrubs and even containers. It's the convenient way to nourish plants with both water and plant nutrients during even the driest conditions.

Water Wisely: Remember to always let Mother Nature be your sprinkler. When necessary, water after planting and when needed (before leaves wilt). When additional watering is necessary, do so in the morning between the hours of 6 and 10 am to reduce effects of wind on sprinkler uniformity and reduce losses from evaporation.

A simple garden that provides fresh herbs, produce or even flowers is still in reach so get out there and grow something.

For more great gardening tips, visit: www.miraclegro.com.