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Starting on Tuesday, consumers east of the Rockies will be reaching for a fleece jacket during the day and an extra blanket overnight. While some areas enjoyed cooler overnight conditions this week, next Tuesday and Wednesday (September 18th & 19th) is expected to bring a 25 to 30F decrease for both daytime and overnight temperatures compared to recent weeks across the Northern Plains and Western Great Lakes. Frost is likely across these regions, including the major population areas of Minneapolis, Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee.

The Central Plains and Ohio Valley can also expect a daytime dip, bringing them back to seasonal temperatures. Chicago and St. Louis will experience overnight lows in the 40s, a large departure from last week's conditions which registered nightly temperatures in the 70s. The cool trend spreads into the Northeast where temperatures will drop below normal for mid to late September, triggering increased demand for fleece and long sleeve shirts across major cities on the I-95 corridor.

Temperatures rebound slightly late next week; however, a second, more sustained cool down moves back in for the official start of Autumn on Saturday, September 22nd. This second cool down will drop temperatures a few more degrees and initiate a spike in demand for hot beverages, outerwear, and heaters. Frost will spread east into New England and freeze warnings are expected across the U.S.-Canadian border and upper Great Lakes.

Businesses should be prepared for a demand spike in seasonal products as consumers react to the change in conditions.

Temperatures out West will remain above normal from Southern California to Western Canada.