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Source: Small Pet Select press release

SEATTLE, Washington -- Small Pet Select has recently launched a promotional campaign in which interested customers can get an 'I LOVE MY RABBIT' sticker free with a Timothy Hay order from the company. The promotion is designed to benefit the House Rabbit Society with 10% of each sale generated being donated back to the organization.

Since launching their Timothy Hay product at the end of summer 2012, Small Pet Select has quickly built a strong following and customer base in the small animal community, with over 47,000 fans on Facebook and counting. "The reason for our fast growth thus far is due to a strong focus on product quality and customer service" says co-founder William Gordon . He also added that the company plans to continue engaging and giving back to the rescue community in the future.

Rabbit owners that are interested in claiming their free sticker are encouraged to visit this page on the House Rabbit Society website for detailed instruction.

About Small Pet Select

Smallpetselect.com was launched in September 2012 with the sole mission of finding better quality hay and delivering it fresh/direct to small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Grass hay is a critical component in the diets of these small pets, and they need to eat as much as possible to keep good digestive and dental health. By purchasing a higher quality product, pet owners are finding their pets eat more of the hay and waste less, serving both a nutritional and economic purpose. The company is one of the fastest growing online retailers in the space and the product has received praise from pets and pet owners alike.