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Source: EarthBox press release

Scranton, Pennsylvania -- Millions of US households are now growing their own produce, and many of them are turning to vegetable container gardening (www.earthbox.com) to save time and increase yields.

Edible gardening has risen for six years straight, according to research by the National Gardening Association, and shows no signs of stopping. A recent survey by the Garden Writers Association reports that the number of U.S. households growing edible plants is expected to rise by 11.3% in 2013.

The same survey revealed that gardeners shared 5 common challenges in growing their own fruits and vegetables: time, insect and disease control, wildlife control, irrigation, and cost. An increasing number of gardeners are taking up container gardening to address these issues.

Frank DiPaolo, General Manager of EarthBox, a self-watering container gardening system, explains, "Container gardening helps increase yields by providing ideal growing conditions - perfect soil and the ability to grow anywhere, for starters. Some containers, like the EarthBox, include a water reservoir to make things even easier. The science behind the EarthBox means you can't over-water or under-water as long as you don't let the reservoir go dry. Plants tend to be healthier when grown in ideal conditions, too."

Container gardening is allowing apartment dwellers, schools, community centers, and senior centers to help fuel the boom in edible gardening. For instance, Robert Brotherton of Brotherton Engineering recently installed an EarthBox container garden at a senior center in Indian Shore, Florida. "The EarthBox system was the clear choice," remarked Brotherton, "as it met site design considerations - weed-free gardening and the elimination of hand watering. It also met our goals of providing fresh produce, beautifying the area, strengthening the community and educating residents."

For tips on how to garden in containers, EarthBox offers free video tutorials. Container gardening has proven to be a practical option for the rising number of people who want to enjoy fresh produce but have minimal space or limited time.

About EarthBox

The patented EarthBox was introduced in 1994 after a decade of research by commercial farmers looking for a maintenance-free way to grow in ideal conditions. Since then, the EarthBox has been used in home gardens, commercial farms, schools and restaurants around the world. More information is available at www.earthbox.com.