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Source: Paulsen Marketing press release

Sioux Falls, South Dakota --- Media budgets tighten, yet the pressure for engagement and return on investment grows. Paulsen Marketing's latest thought paper: "Five Digital Trends for Ag Media," (agribranding.com/paper) looks at the changes in consumer media and what can be expected for the future of ag media.

The authors, Sara Steever, Paulsen Vice President of Digital Services, and Kristi Moss, Paulsen Senior Media Director, outline the five digital trends that influence ag media from the consumer side. Those trends are:

1. Digital ad formats
2. Ad serving and other techno-opportunities
3. Mobile
4. Analytics, measurement, data and reporting
5. Media fraud, standardization and oversight.

"While there are certainly more digital trends than we covered in this paper, we believe the ones that we chose to highlight will have a significant impact on all of ag media," Steever said.

"Marketers need to follow these trends and work with ag media partners to encourage adoption of the right technology at the right time," Moss added. "The opportunities will result in more engaging and better-targeted ads, and that will benefit all the partners involved."

This thought paper is the eighth in the most recent series, in which Paulsen Marketing conducts its own "on the ground" research to better understand the ag and rural lifestyle markets. You can view the complete library of thought papers at http://www.agribranding.com/category/thought-papers.

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