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Source: Norwood Sawmills press release

Buffalo, New York - Norwood Sawmills, leading global manufacturer of innovative portable sawmills, is excited to announce the addition of a new model, the LumberMan MN26, to its lineup of quality mobile bandsaws.

The first major benefit of the LumberMan MN26 for do-it-yourselfers, is that its beefy capacity comes at a relatively pint-sized cost. Equipped with a 420cc Briggs engine, the LumberMan handles logs up to an impressive 26" (65cm) in diameter and mill boards up to 17" (42.5cm) wide.

The second big draw is how quick and easy the LumberMan enables owners to mill sizeable piles of high-value lumber every day. Norwood invests heavily in research and development, focusing efforts on technology to cut the time it takes to mill logs into lumber. The MN26 is engineered to mill with faster cycle-times using patented Norwood technology like an auto-locking sawhead and optional auto-lube.

The third key feature making the MN26 an ideal partner for hobbyists is its versatility. Typically sawmills in such an affordable price range are limited in capacity and capability. In contrast, the LumberMan MN26's generous 26-inch capacity is just the beginning.

"No two jobs are the same," explains Norwood Sawmills President, Ashlynne Dale, "And once you get into sawmilling, you will eventually find you want to do more things with your mill, like transport it places, compensate for log taper or speed up loading and turning. With the LumberMan MN26, there are several attachments you can add any time to do all those things, and more."

Norwood's versatile modular attachment system means owners do not feel trapped with a sawmill that cannot grow with their sawmilling needs. "The only regret Norwood owners feel," concludes Dale, "is they didn't get a Norwood sawmill earlier."

About Norwood Sawmills

Norwood Sawmills has been building premium-quality portable sawmills for over 20 years. Norwood mobile sawmills are hard at work in over 100 countries cutting millions of dollars of valuable lumber, boards and beams.

With over 50 patents, more than all other sawmill companies around the world combined, Norwood is the proven global leader in portable sawmill technology.