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New York, New York -- Twigo Pet ID Tag selects boutique public relations firm Whitegate PR as their agency of record.

Safety is a top priority within a family, which often includes protecting our furry four-legged family members as well. Pet identification is a crucial step one must take in order to keep our animal friends safe. Collars with an ID tag are accessible to anyone who finds a lost pet. Twigo LLC is on a mission to help ensure all pets wear an ID tag. Learn more at: http://www.twigotags.com/.

ID's dramatically increase the security of your pet family member. Pet owners must be mindful of their pet's ID tags and other forms of identification at all times. An ASPCA research on Tag Retention in 2010-2011 concluded that 80% of pet owners said that a pet ID tag was "extremely important." Yet only 33% of surveyed pet owners reported that their current pet wears an ID tag all the time.

A Twigo Pet ID Tag is one of the simplest tags on the market to provide every pet at the time of adoption or after a veterinarian visit. Twigo tags require no engraving and are instantly personalize-able with a ballpoint pen - simply write, boil and wear. The tags self-attach and are completely silent, ideal for those who dislike the jingling noise and remove their pet's tags while inside the house.

Twigo Pet ID tags are available in 4 fun styles and 3 colors each. Each tag is vibrant, unique, and very convenient for pet parent's use.

SIMPLE + DURABLE: The easiest, quietest and friskiest.
SILENT: No jangling, jingling or clanking.
EASY TO PERSONALIZE: Simply write, boil and wear.
EASY TO ATTACH: Slip loop attachment to any collar. [Paw-Proofed] Lightweight and EASY to clean!

Twigo believes the best prevention is to use more than one identifier from the start. Three identifiers are best: a personalized ID tag, a local registration tag and a microchip. While microchips are permanent and reliable, they are invisible and can only be read by a Vet or Rescue group with a reading scanner. Visible pet ID tags are the fastest method of getting lost pets safely reunited with their families.

About Twigo Pet ID Tag:

Twigo LLC is on a mission to help ensure all pets wear an ID tag all the time. Pet identification is the BEST PREVENTION. ID's dramatically increases the security of your pet family member. Please visit Twigo Pet ID Tag's website: www.twigotags.com, email us at twigo@twigotags.com. Retailers can purchase Twigo Tags by emailing us or with www.wholesalepet.com.

About Whitegate PR:

Whitegate PR specializes in delivering multifaceted marketing and strategic public relations campaigns, effective in reaching target audiences to meet - and exceed - client's goals. Whitegate PR aims to bring each organization's market share to the next level, providing creative strategies and solutions unique to each company. For more on Whitegate PR visit www.whitegatepr.com.