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Source: My Way Ventures International LLC press release

St. Louis, Missouri -- Missouri-based retailer of outdoor products, My Way Ventures International LLC, has announced that its new online store is open for business at www.OutdoorActivityStore.com.

"We know how passionate people can be about the great outdoors," says founder and owner of My Way Ventures International LLC, Larry Dreppard. "We're eager to inspire and support great pastimes through high quality products with affordable price tags."

OutdoorActivityStore.com is My Way Ventures International LLC's second e-commerce website. The Company's first online store, www.collectiblenutcrackers.com, offers a vast array of name brand and high quality nutcrackers, smokers, and ornaments for spreading holiday joy.

The new online store at OutdoorActivityStore.com offers a variety of products for fishing, hunting, camping and hiking. The Company plans to expand its inventory as it grows and will also be adding a blog to its site in the upcoming weeks to provide visitors with a number of complimentary resources. The blog will address frequently asked questions and share outdoor guidelines and insight, safety tips and easy how-to articles.

Dreppard added, "OutdoorActivityStore.com has opened just in time for the weather to warm up and people to start spending more time outdoors, and by the time the holidays roll around they can stop by CollectibleNutCrackers.com. Many of our products make the perfect holiday gift, as they are unique and reasonably priced."

Both online stores accept all major credit cards including PayPal accounts and items purchased can be shipped anywhere within the United States. Customers are reminded to allocate extra time for order processing and shipping immediately surrounding the holidays, as business tends to be busier than usual.

For more information on My Way Ventures International LLC and its online stores visit www.OutdoorActivityStore.com and www.collectiblenutcrackers.com.