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Source: JackJaw press release

Nearly 6000 JackJaw extractors are now in use in the North America in construction, public works, tent rental, public utilities, and Farming industries. News of the JackJaw T-post extractor is spreading quickly across North America and Australia as the easiest, safest and quickest method of fence post pulling.

The powerful, patented jaw and lever mechanism allows you to pull the T-posts straight out of the ground without damaging the t-posts. The sturdy lever arm gives you a 9 to 1 mechanical advantage. The case hardened jaws grip the t-post directly for quick and easy extraction. A 100 pound push down on the handle generates a 900 pound upward force and an 1800 pound gripping force on the T-Post. Tilted posts? No problem! Just lean the JackJaw extractor to align with the post. It never slips and completely eliminates back and shoulder strain from this common ranch problem.
T-post extractor in use.

JackJaw Model 203 T-post extractors are assembled in Dayton, Ohio from heavy gauge steel plate and tubing, to provide years of reliable service. The unit weighs only 18 pounds, and is plated with zinc and clear chromate for long lasting durability and corrosion resistance.

Visit the JackJaw website and click on the "Fencing" Section to see the unit in operation. You can also order your unit on the website or email orders@jackjaw.com or call 937-429-9089.