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Source: Marketing Daily article by Tanya Gazdik Irwin

Veterinary Products Laboratories, the maker of Ovitrol X-Tend Flea & Tick Spot On products for Dogs and Cats, has donated $75,000 worth of the flea and tick treatments to five animal shelter organizations located in regions known for having a high prevalence of the nasty biting bugs.

Fall marks the peak season for fleas, evidenced by a 70% increase in flea prevalence over the previous season. VPL's donation will supply each shelter with enough product to protect 120 pets from fleas and ticks for an entire year.

Each shelter received donations of 1,440 one-month doses of Ovitrol X-Tend Flea & Tick Spot On products for Dogs and Cats. The recipients are Arizona Humane Society (Phoenix), Humane Society of Greater Miami (Florida), Humane Society of Charlotte (N.C.), Seattle Humane Society and the Greater Birmingham Humane Society (Ala.).

"We are passionate about helping our shelter partners by protecting pets against fleas and ticks while relieving the expense of preventive care," said Betsy Watkins, director of the VPL division, in a release. "Providing comfort and protection to animals in need is humbling and we thank each shelter partner for the hard work and time they devote to ensuring the well-being of every pet they help."

Flea infestation on pets can cause severe irritation and itching, which can lead to hair loss, inflammation and secondary skin infections. Severe cases of infestation, like those often seen by animal welfare professionals, can result in serious blood loss, anemia and possible death of the pet.

VPL is playing up the lower cost of its medication compared to other similar prescription flea products. The Phoenix-based company is using the web to promote the product, including online videos that show how to properly apply it, as well as materials distributed to veterinarians.