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Source: Steve Van Valin press release

Chester Springs, Pennsylvania -- Owner and Inventor Steve Van Valin is set to launch the first ever one-arm gardening multi-tool on May 11th. Through years of experience as a passionate gardener and professional garden designer Steve found a need for an easier way to mulch and plant your garden.

On May 11th, The Mulch Fork & Spade will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Early supporters of the crowdfunding campaign will be eligible for a special discount off of retail price starting at $40 which includes both the mulch fork and spade attachments.

The Mulch Fork & Spade is an ergonomically designed one-arm gardening multi-tool for applying mulch and compost. It has an interchangeable spade attachment that makes it the perfect planting tool for perennials and annuals. Whether you are a backyard gardener or a professional residential landscape designer, the Mulch Fork & Spade is designed to relieve back and wrist strain typically inflicted from traditional gardening tools.

"As a garden designer for many years, one of the hardest tasks in the garden, when working in tight spaces, is mulching around annuals and perennials." said Steve Van Valin, Inventor of The Mulch Fork & Spade. "I wanted to create a tool that could serve more than one purpose in the garden while still leveraging the one-arm operation, providing a free hand in the garden."

For anyone who struggles with the awkward and frustrating chore of mulching or composting their garden, The Mulch Fork & Spade brings ease and finesse to this often-strenuous task. The spade attachment provides incredible leverage and power to dig while keeping your wrist in a comfortable position and giving you a free hand for planting.

About Steve Van Valin

Steve is a graduate of Longwood Garden's continuing education program with two Certificates of Merit in Ornamental Plants, owner of Harmony Garden Design Group, owner of Gardenomic Innovations, and inventor of The Mulch Fork & Spade. Steve manifests his passion for gardening by writing, speaking, and of course, by putting a shovel in the ground. He gardens at his Chester Springs, PA home, and designs landscapes for commercial and residential properties in the Philadelphia suburbs. Steve is an organic practitioner and advocates for native plant selection.