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Source: Briggs & Stratton press release

Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- Power outage experts at Briggs & Stratton are asking homeowners to take stock in their level of preparedness during this winter season.

"The recent heavy snowfall on the East Coast reminds us how important it is to be prepared for winter storms," says marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton Standby Power Kimberly Raduenz. "The most important preparation is to ensure that those in the home have a way to stay warm if utility power is lost during a winter storm."

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)* asks households to have the following items to help endure the rest of the winter storm season:

•Shovels and snow-removal equipment
•Extra blankets and warm clothing for every family member
•Rock salt or sand to improve traction on walkways

Another way to prepare for the winter storm season is to install a standby generator system. This is the best insurance for maintaining comfort and safety when the power goes out. It also can help keep costs associated with an outage (like frozen pipes) at a minimum.

Home standby generators provide whole-house backup power that keeps families safe, comfortable and worry free during a power outage. When utility power is knocked out by a storm, a standby generator automatically turns on, seamlessly powering a home's most essential needs, such as its furnace.

It's important to note that standby generators must be professionally and permanently installed. Winter is a great time to contact a local generator dealer to begin the installation planning process.

At www.powernow.com, homeowners can find a guide that details every step in the purchase process, including finding a local generator dealer, to make the installation of a standby generator system easy.

*To learn more, go to http://www.ready.gov/winter-weather.